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A cuckold sleeps while the friend fucks his wife

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We all have that small dose of evil that makes us enjoy the misfortunes of others. It usually happens to us when we masturbate watching videos of girls being unfaithful to their partners. It will be the fact of feeling how she enjoys another man as she has never done with her husband. But this category has more and more followers.

We meet a couple who have ended up being badly injured after a party at a friend’s house. The lovers sleep peacefully so they can go home when they get drunk. But something breaks into the room to disturb the young woman’s sleep. His friend seems to be quite active and eager to keep the party going. Very stealthily he approaches the girl and begins to caress her while he passes his thick cock over her beautiful face. Meanwhile the husband sleeps soundly. It is then when the young woman wakes up surprised to see such a phallus before her eyes. To the boy’s surprise, she doesn’t hesitate for a second to grab his cock and start sucking.