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Ballbusting is one of the best-known practices of the set known as genital torture, a series of sexual games consisting of stimulating the penis and / or testicles with pain as the axis of the experience. Among them are high-intensity activities such as wax play (using melted wax to burn certain areas), genital spanking (which consists of slapping the balls), squeezing (the pressure exerted on the testicles, crushing them), the genital flogging (whipping and lashing on the genitals), urethral play (tickle torture), tickle torture (erotic electrostimulation).

Perhaps due to the ease of its execution and the little need for means, ball busting is the most famous of these sexual perversions, and one of the few that is also carried out as a self-defense technique due to its simplicity: after all it's just about kicking the eggs, although not strictly just that.

The idea behind this type of practices that seek the pain of eggs is to satisfy the sexual desires of the masochist, who pursues physical torture, or also the erotic humiliation of the submissive who wants to experience on the emotional side, and even the complacency of a Sexual playmate who has tendencies related to sadistic dominance, the pleasure of inflicting pain.

The health risks after ballbusting and most variants of genital torture are great: from abrasions or bruises, to testicular torsion or rupture, which require medical intervention. Some symptoms worth considering are ejaculation of semen with traces of blood and loss of color of the testicles, which could indicate a problem in blood flow.