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Erotic massage of Daniel Duress and Sean Christopher

06:52 Gay, Massage


Good afternoon everyone, to finish a massage with happy ending from Daniel Duress to Sean Christopher. One day innocently goes to a massage with the surprise that the one who gives it is also gay.

So perfect, the masseur ignoring everything, after giving a massage to that piece of man who lies on the table decides to play it and start making a good blowjob, to which the other is left. The two have had their lucky day, one working and the other that was going to get a massage, now he is going to touch that end he likes so much.

Is that when you get horny and can not stop can be bad, but it has gone so well this move is worth trying, you’re going to get a massage, you take a gift powder and home to rest. Greetings to all and enjoy it as much as I do.