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Lena Paul fucks her lover with sexy lingerie at home

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Lena Paul was waiting in her underwear for her lover at home. Since she got up with her husband she was anxious for the time to meet her lover. The husband saw that she was putting on a sexy outfit and she told him that she wanted to look sexy in the mirror today. It seemed great to the husband and with a passionate kiss he said goodbye to Lena like every day and went to the office.

A few minutes after leaving her husband, Lena called her lover and told him that he could enter. He was waiting for that call like crazy. He wanted to have Lena’s body for himself and enjoy it. He was the husband of her best friend who had been fucking her every day for several months. It all started at that wedding of a friend when they were all drunk and he went into the girls’ bathroom and saw Lena there so since then, they have not stopped fucking.