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Lesbian sex between Karlie Montana and Lena Nicole

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Hello lesbian porn friends! I bring you a xxx video of two lesbians, starring the beautiful Karlie Montana and Lena Nicole.

It seems that they had stayed at Lena’s house to spend a day together and bathe in the pool. But they do not have much desire, Lena has preferred to stay on the sofa reading a book, when Karlie comes and gives her a chocolate with her mouth, they both fight to see who will eat it.

Karlie gets on the sofa and begins to caress Lena, they kiss in a very sensual way, they play to pass the grapes. Finally, I take off her bikini and suck her nipples, put her finger in her pussy, stroke her clitoris and eat her pussy, as the bitch is enjoying.

After they decide to interchange, Lena eats Karlie’s pussy, while she caresses herself and does not stop moaning.