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Mature curvy fucks the thief without her husband finds out

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One day a thief gets into mature curvy Sara Jay’s whore house to steal. But he did not want to steal anything of value, he just wanted to take a thong from Sara to masturbate when he got home. When he enters the house he makes sure that everyone is asleep. After doing so, she goes to the laundry room and starts looking for the underwear of this curvy woman.

But while she’s doing that, Sara Jay’s bitch slut gets up because she hears a noise, when the young thief with a huge cock comes in he covers her mouth so he does not talk and tells her the reason why she’s there. When listening to her, the very bitch gets very horny, starts making blowjobs and fucks him. While he fucks her husband gets up but she tells him that everything is fine and keeps fucking.