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The best Russian porn videos

Eastern women are reputed to be possibly the most beautiful on the planet, especially the Russians. That is why more and more men decide to travel to Russia and other neighboring countries with the illusion and the desire to be able to fuck beautiful naked blondes with blue eyes and a spectacular body.

Apart from being really pretty, most Russian girls stand out for being quite busty, that is, their breasts are very large and beautiful. There are also big butts, although the girls at least have their buttocks well placed.

The normal thing is to look for young girls, maybe 18 to 20 years old. If the Russians are beautiful in their own right, they are truly spectacular. It is not unusual therefore to find a multitude of young whores willing to do everything for a few bills.

However, young girls are not the only bitches, you can also meet mature Russians who are real gorgeous ready to fuck with you and do everything to you. It is very common for them to prefer anal sex, that is, to be fucked in the ass. They are usually very vicious and nymphomaniac women who find it difficult to say no to any request you make, especially if it is sexual.

¿How to fuck with Russians?

It all depends on whether they are attractive models or if, on the contrary, they are eastern girls who do not have much idea of ​​porn or how to have sex. It is true that they are reputed to have the best pussies, their white skin and pink colors make them stand out above any other female. And it's also true that they love to get fucked in the ass.

As a general rule, almost all the women you see in the videos are amateurs, that is, they do not have great experience in posing nude or recording themselves. Some are just fake porn castings, other amateur pov recordings, and other home videos made by guys.

And the fact is that most of them are very dirty, to the point that they normalize something as depraved as incest. It is very common to see videos of Russian mothers with their children, siblings, parents, etc... it seems that in these countries it is common.

Maybe that's why we like to see these xxx Russian bitches fucking as much as only these aunts know how to do and get all the milk from any man who fucks with them.