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Savannah Stevens and Darcie Dolce enjoying a cool summer afternoon

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Savannah Stevens had asked her friend Darcie Dolce to come to her house to enjoy an afternoon on her summer terrace since it was very cool and they could enjoy it there. As soon as she arrived, she saw that her friend had gone to her house very well dressed, as always, and could not help but compliment her. She did the same because Savannah wore a stunning cleavage.

The two began to kiss and to touch each other in a hot and sensual way. They removed their bra and began to eat their nipples. They were two beautiful girls who liked and liked to savor in a very exaggerated way. After a long time they began to eat their pussies that had them wet because of the excitement they felt toward each other and enjoyed their taste by desperately sucking and making their partner cum with pleasure.