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Slutty flight attendant fulfills the fantasies of a passenger on board

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We can say without a doubt that the stewardess profession is the one that arouses the most fetishes. Those infinite long legs covered by those stockings and that tight uniform manage to leave any man in the clouds. In this category you can masturbate with hostesses who end up fucking during their workday.

Natasha Nice is a beautiful stewardess who is making her rounds down the aisle of the plane. She is a very nice girl who always tries to please the whole passage. Almost at the end of the corridor we meet a passenger who gets very hot to see Natasha. When she bends down next to him to solve a doubt to a lady, he does not hesitate in meters to touch her pussy. Far from getting angry, the young woman looks at the boy with a bitch face and invites him to go to the VIP area of ​​the plane.

Once there, both begin to caress each other until the boy begins to eat the stewardess’s pussy. She can’t take it anymore and grabs her companion’s big cock. He begins to give her a spectacular blowjob, one of those that make it to heaven.