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Sophia Leone knows how to do very good business with men

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Sophia Leone and her husband went to a pawnshop to sell a weapon that, apart from the fact that she did not want to have it at home, was worth a fortune and needed the money. There was no doubt that this weapon was worth much more, but to sell it secondhand you could not ask for the amount of money, which he demanded. The boys rejected the gun and the very angry one went away and told his wife not to wait for her.

She then started talking to the boys in the store because she needed the money. They seeing that she was desperate and taking advantage of the fact that she was a very beautiful woman so they decided that they could reach an agreement. They were going to give her the amount of money her husband was asking for, but in return she had to eat his cock. She did not hesitate for a second and got into the store ready to fuck like a bitch for money.