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The great sexual story between Tarzan and Jane in HD

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This is a 1994 porn movie. It tells of the chance encounter between Tarzan and the beautiful and horny Jane after having an accident. When the young woman is rescued by the ape man, they end up having all kinds of sexual relationships. Although he seems to be very inexperienced in this matter.

The film begins with Jane’s accident while on safari in the jungle. She is unconscious and when she wakes up she decides to thank him for the favor by having sex with him. But he will have to teach him everything he knows, since Tarzan has always lived in the jungle. So he has no idea what sex is but is a savage who sees a woman for the first time. So you will have to show him what are the proper steps to become a sexual predator.

When the savage acquires all the knowledge Jane provides him, there is no one to stop him. Tarzan ends up fucking practically every girl on the safari very hard. The ape man is unleashed. And when Jane decides to take him to know her world, she can’t help but fuck the women of civilization.