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The janitor rapes the cheerleader without a condom

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The animator of this video is a very playful girl, besides shaking her pompoms she likes to make mischief and the janitor has it fried, she is always throwing the bucket of the mop, or she stomps on the freshly scrubbed floor or throws it down to the floor in the part that has just swept.

The janitor is hated, but it is his job and he has to put up with it, but that day the cheerleader threw a bucket of soapy water on it and wet it all. Nothing else throw him the bucket ran out to hide, went to the locker room. But the janitor found her and this time he wanted to punish her, he tied her to the locker room bench and raped her.

First, he forced the cheerleader to eat her cock and when she was satisfied, he raise her skirt and raped her without a condom in the dressing room.